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Our Service for You

1. Finding the suitable Property and Contract Signing
We will be glad to compose for you an individual portfolio of properties according to your desires and to your budget. We would like to advise you on which investment model will fit best to your needs and will visit together with you the relevant properties. If you desire we will connect you to our partner banks for receiving competitive financial offers. Once you found the matching property we will help you checking all relevant information you need, in order to ensure a safe purchase. We also will be glad to start the negotiation with the seller in order to help you to get the best deal. We will provide you the notary, who will create the contract so that we can accompany you safely through the contract signing procedure up to handling out the keys for your new property. Our full service is not allowed to include legal and tax counceling.
2. Refurbishment
If your new property will require refurbishing, we will be glad to take care of the project appointing professional companies who have worked with us in the past. We always aim to get for our customers the best value. In many cases, a moderate investment in refurbishing will be recovered quickly by a higher rent. If desired, we will also furnish your property completely.
3. Rental
In case you won’t like to move personally into your new property we would be glad to help you finding the appropriate tenant and let it to the best condition of the market. We will collect all relevant information about the potential tenant and we will write the renting contract according to the latest statues, rules, and regulations.
4. Maintenance and Management
We would be glad to help you with the maintenance of your property and manage all relevant issues towards the tenant and the property management company.
As a full-service-agency we will always try to offer you a complete service around your property which can be described by the following advantages for you:


  • Smooth and trouble-free purchasing process of all kinds of real estate in Berlin, even though you live far away.

  • One contact person only for all issues connected to your new property in Berlin.

  • Communication in English, German, Hebrew and French.

  • Danza Real Estate e.K. is at home in Berlin and knows Berlin as only real Berliners know.

  • No need of any knowledge of the local real estate market, as you will be able to rely on Danza Real Estate e.K. in the organization, the implementation and the fine tuning of all commercial and creative tasks.


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