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About Us

Dan Zahareanu
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Dan Zahareanu, CEO of Danza Real Estate e.K. and graduated real estate agent (EIA), gained experience in real estate trading and refurbishing of properties in Berlin and abroad for a couple of years. Dan has a Master degree in Business Administration from the Technical University of Berlin. After finishing his studies he worked in the Marketing field for global acting companies in Germany and Israel. Then he moved back to Germany self-employed in the import and trading field before he finally focused on the local real estate business. Dan speaks German, Hebrew, English and French and his hobbies always were around architecture and design. Born and raised in Berlin, Dan knows his city as only real Berliners do.


We would like to share our knowledge and experience with many real estate investors who have chosen Berlin as their investment destination, though they are not familiar with the local market and the law, because they live far away. We would like to be your local partner in terms of helping you to find a compatible property according to your individual needs, to accompany you through the purchasing process including all administrative and legal forms, to refurbish your property if needed, to find an appropriate tenant for your new property, to manage it and if desired to resell it at a maximum profit. You will enjoy highest satisfaction while receiving all services from one hand exclusively! This is the way for you becoming a player on the Berliner real estate market, trouble-free!”

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